Woolworths releases new banana and caramel hot cross buns flavour

Woolworths releases new banana and caramel hot cross buns flavour

Hot cross buns hit shelves incredibly early this year, but honestly, I’m not mad about it.

When supermarkets released the spicy Easter buns nationwide back in January, Woolworths promptly followed up with hot cross bun ice cream. Then Mars followed suit with their hot cross bun-flavoured M&Ms.

And now, still a couple of months out from Easter, we’ve been treated to two more delicious takes on the hot cross bun, and these ones are certainly indulgent.

Drawing on favourite family flavours, Woolies has released two limited-edition hot cross bun varieties — banana and caramel hot cross buns and a dessert plate-worthy white chocolate and raspberry version.

The new buns join the half-dozen other varieties stocked by Woolies, including traditional fruit, fruitless, Cadbury choc chip and the indulgent brioche variety.

Woolworths head of bakery Ben Thompson said the goal of the supermarket’s extensive hot cross bun line-up was to add an extra level of indulgence to Easter-inspired snacking.

“The limited-edition flavours of banana and caramel and raspberry and white choc have the perfect combination of dessert-like sweetness to complement the classic fruit inclusions,” Mr Thompson said.

“Our team of bakers had a lot of fun sampling new flavour combinations to come up with these two additions to the Easter range, and we are confident they’re going to become a hot favourite with our customers.”

Both varieties come in a four pack, and you can try them for yourself for just $3.50.

This story originally appeared on Kidspot but was republished here with permission.

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