Woman thanks Australia for easy life on welfare

Woman thanks Australia for easy life on welfare

A Kiwi immigrant who has thanked Australia online for an easy life on government payments, free medical care and cheap food has seen her Facebook post go viral.

In it, Deidre Samson says she is “feeling blessed” because of the Australian government’s $800 a fortnight families benefit, cheap petrol, maternity care, and $2000 every year towards each of her children’s dental care.

She thanked Australia for “giving us $35,000 towards our first homeowners grant”, even though she owned property in New Zealand.

Ms Samson, a single mother of three children, emigrated from New Zealand to Australia three years ago.

In that time, she has taken advantage of Australia’s old-age pension for her parents, free home doctor visits, child care subsidies and “free emergency dental care for the rest of my life”.

“Thank you Australia for your cheap food, cheap petrol ($1.03 atm) and your free dump/tip policy,” Ms Samson wrote.

“Thank you for giving me $800 fortnight families money just because we are raising children in your country.

“Thank you for giving us rent allowance fortnightly, thank you for paying all our bond money on properties, thank you for paying 90 per cent of Rory’s child care bill, and I only have to pay $18 a day.”

Samson had more than 2000 reactions to her post that listed the numerous benefits of ditching the Kiwi lifestyle for one in Australia.

She describes in the Facebook post Australia’s wage and weekend work penalty rates as “amazing”, and says thankyou for superannuation payments and free education for her children.

She is also grateful for cheap airfares from Australia to New Zealand.

Ms Samson, who lives on the Gold Coast, says the benefits of moving to Australia far outweighed those of living in New Zealand.

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