What’s going on with Trump’s hair?

What’s going on with Trump’s hair?

Whether you love him or loathe him, Donald Trump certainly knows how to make a statement with his imposing hairstyles.

But as the US President landed in Hanoi for greatly anticipated summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who also has a questionable taste in haircuts, a vicious conspiracy theory is beginning to emerge — and it’s much more worrying than the Deep State or alleged collusion with Russia.

The most powerful man in the world appears to have dyed his mop.

News.com.au cannot independently verify the claims that are swirling around social media, but let’s have a look at the evidence for ourselves.

Only five days ago, the Twitter-addicted world leader was spotted sporting a wispy tuft of grey hair as he sat in the White House.

Less than a week later, he was photographed stepping off his Air Force One flight in Vietnam with a drastically slick new look.

Now clearly rocking a mousy brown look to impress the North Korean leader, social media has lost it over the 72-year-old’s incredible transformation.

The President’s hair has long been the subject of heated debate. Some have speculated he wears a wig. Gawker estimated the cost of the toupee upkeep at as much as $77,000.

His new-found admirer Kim Jong-un, despite an atrocious record of human rights abuses, has also become a fashion icon himself and some avid fans in Vietnam are gearing up for the summit by channelling the flamboyant hairstyles of both leaders.

With nervous world capitals looking on, President Trump and Mr Kim are beginning their second nuclear summit with a one-on-one discussion and an intimate dinner as hard questions swirl about what the American president will demand and Pyongyang might be willing to give up.

The two days of talks will address perhaps the world’s biggest security challenge: Mr Kim’s nuclear program that stands on the verge of realistically threatening targets around the planet.

Mr Trump is more concerned with maintaining a dialogue and ending the nuclear program than Mr Kim’s human rights record.

Mr Kim has continued his diplomacy efforts following the Singapore summit, sending “beautiful letters” to the US President, who said the pair “fell in love”. He also met with the Chinese president Xi Jinping and South Korean president Moon Jae-in, who is also eager to forge peace between the divided powers.

“I think we’ll have a very tremendous summit,” said Mr Trump before leaving Washington on Monday, adding that he expected the talks to be “very productive”.

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