Vegan gloats after dairy farmer posts tearful video about closing farm

Vegan gloats after dairy farmer posts tearful video about closing farm

A high-profile vegan activist had a blunt response to the South Australian dairy farmer who posted her tearful farewell to her beloved cows: “Get another job”.

Casey Treloar’s adoration for her cows is tangible in the viral video in which the third generation farmer said goodbye to her herd.

Hundreds of thousands watched as she poured her heart out and blamed the major supermarkets’ slashing the price of milk to $1-a-litre for destroying the industry.

“It breaks my heart,” she says, visibly fighting back tears on her farm outside Parawa on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

“We are getting 38 cents a litre across the year and it’s completely unsustainable. We can’t really afford to keep going anymore.

“The clock has run out and it’s time to say goodbye.”

But vegan Joey Carbstrong was having none of it.

“What I find interesting is she considered herself a cow person, which is really bizarre seeing as all those cows go to the slaughter house, the bobby calves are all killed at a fraction of their life span,” he said in video posted to YouTube.

“It’s a horrifically cruel and abusive industry, even if the dairy farmers don’t see it that way.”

Ms Treloar says the low farmgate prices available for milk is dramatically squeezing the profit margins for farmers, but Mr Carbstrong claims it is the vegan movement which is shifting consumers off dairy-based products.

“Demand is changing because we demand you release those animals and stop breeding them into existence to exploit them,” the guerrilla activist says.

“This dairy farmer can get another job.

“Those animals do not get another child, do not get another life, they’ll be murdered (and) turned into burgers.”

Mr Carbstrong said the South Australian farmer was indoctrinated into the industry.

“Don’t identify with your job where it makes you upset just move into more ethical alternatives, plant-based alternatives.

“We need farmers but we don’t need farmers who abuse and exploit.”

The controversial activist’s profile was boosted last year when he had a spat with Piers Morgan on popular UK breakfast TV program Good Morning Britain.

He sat alongside chef Antony Worrall Thompson to debate the issue with hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

But almost immediately, Morgan started trading barbs with Mr Carbstrong.

Mr Carbstrong argued milk was murder and that humans should not be “breastfeeding from cows”.

“All the animals in the dairy farm will be killed. If it was dogs it would be a different view,” he said.

But within moments, Morgan attacked ethical eaters such as Mr Carbstrong, accusing them of “vegan terrorism” before sensationally bringing up the 33-year-old’s criminal past.

After repeatedly grilling the campaigner about whether he was “a man of peace”, the 53-year-old journalist then retorted: “Well, in 2011 you were arrested for having a loaded, sawn-off gun down your trousers …”

Mr Carbstrong was an alcohol and drug addict and a former criminal gang member, and he spent six months in prison following the 2011 incident, when police found a variety of weapons in his hotel room as well as a firearm he had concealed in his pants.

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