US family home up for sale hides secret ‘sex oasis’ in the basement

US family home up for sale hides secret ‘sex oasis’ in the basement

A million-dollar, five-bedroom family home has just hit the market in the US — but an unusual feature in the basement has sparked a neighbourhood war.

The “secluded” and “one of a kind suburban home”, located in leafy Maple Glen in Philadelphia, is up for sale with a $US750,000 ($A1,055,902) price tag, with all furniture included.

But the 467.2sq m property also hides a surprising secret — a so-called “sex oasis” found in its basement.

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Real estate agent Melissa Leonard told BuzzFeed News the property was a “total suburban beautiful home”.

“But the twist is it has this sex oasis in the basement,” she said.

Pictures of that sex oasis — including a sex swing, elaborate restraints and other paraphernalia — were included on the original listing on real estate site along with everyday pictures of the facade of the house and its interiors.

However, the pictures have since been removed from the listing following backlash from neighbours in the quiet street.

During an interview with Slate, Ms Leonard was interrupted by an angry male resident who slammed the pictures and the home’s resulting notoriety.

“We’re very upset about this whole thing. We do not want something like this in our neighbourhood. Take that off the internet. That’s disgusting. We don’t want that,” he said.

“You’ve got to take them down! We live next door and we don’t want this!” he added, before claiming the area had been overrun by gawkers keen to catch a glimpse of the famous “sex house”.

Ms Leonard told the publication it was a “beautiful house in a great neighbourhood”, and she expected the house’s viral fame would make it easier to sell.

She said the home reminded her of Fifty Shades of Grey.

“That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw it: This guy has Fifty Shades of Grey going on his basement! But I know that it’s a way of life for people,” she said, noting the house would probably be sold to a “suburban family” who were free to remove the unusual features if they wished.

Ms Leonard also told BuzzFeed the owner had lived in the home for many years before moving in with relatives after his wife died.

Since then, it has been listed on Airbnb, although that listing has since been removed now the house is on the market.

The Airbnb listing was titled “Maison XS — Just Be You” and cost $US750 ($A1055) per night, which included a $US250 ($A351) cleaning fee.

The colonial-style house’s listing boasts a range of attractive features including 2.5 bathrooms, three fireplaces, a gym and a “private wooded yard with custom gazebo”.

However, it’s not the first house listing to go viral.

In November, an American real estate agent sparked controversy after hiring scantily-clad fitness models to star in a series of racy property photos after failing — for more than a month — to attract buyers for a home she considered to be ideal for a young couple.

And in May, a rundown terrace house in Coventry, England also went viral on social media after agents posted photos of the property along with pictures of nude women on the walls.

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