Trackside Hendra home up for grabs

Trackside Hendra home up for grabs

THE thudding of hoofs and the adrenaline of the race is what first bought Steven Brockington to purchase his Hendra house five years ago.

The property, at 126 Mein St, backs onto Eagle Farm Racecourse, something which Mr Brockington says is “unique”.

“I thought it was fantastic, to be on a major metropolitan racetrack, which is very, very rare,” Mr Brockington said.

“You can’t get anywhere in the rest of the country like you can here.”

In the early years of living in the home, Mr Brockington would take advantage of the home’s position in front of the 1500m start line and invite his friends over.

“I’d have a barbecue with friends, and we’ll have the TV blaring away with the races,” he said.

“Where I’m situated, you can see all the colourful stuff going on, and when they get closer to the finish you can dive on the TV and watch the end.”

While over the last couple of years construction at the racecourse had interrupted the races, they have recently returned.

Meanwhile, Mr Brockington said he had renovated the whole property, from the kitchen to bathrooms, as well as knocking out walls to create an open plan, adding on a new deck out the back and landscaping.

His favourite room in the house was the lounge, which is a nod to his connection to France, which he has written books about.

He calls it “The Paris Room”.

“It’s everything French.

“I have a lot of association with France, I have a French theme running through the house, but it is the one room that I find I can go to and meditate and feel totally at home.”

Mr Brockington does not want to leave, but feels it is an appropriate time to downsize.

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