Trackdown episode portraying Walter Trump goes viral

Trackdown episode portraying Walter Trump goes viral

We’ve all read stories of popular TV shows predicting future events with sharp accuracy.

Arguably the most famous is The Simpsons, which predicted a President Trump way back in 2000.

But this latest example — taken from a 1950s American Western series — is way more eerie in how perfectly it captures 2019.

Trackdown, a TV show which ran from 1957 to 1959, features a character named Walter Trump — a con-artist who claims he can prevent the end of the world by — wait for it — building a wall.

The eerie comparison has gone viral after Twitter user Alex Hirsch posted it to the social media network:

In the 1958 episode, Walter Trump — played by actor Lawrence Dobkin — proposes building a giant wall to stop a “cosmic explosion”. But what makes it even eerier is the similarity of the character to the President.

For one thing, the TV character threatens to sue Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman for insulting him. Sound familiar? That’s because Mr Trump has repeatedly threatened to sue anything and everything that’s portrayed him in an unflattering light, including US media outlets, non-profit organisations and the nearly dozen women who accused him of sexual assault in 2016.

For another thing, their speech patterns are eerily similar.

In a short clip from the show, Walter Trump says: “I am the only one. Trust me. I can build a wall around your homes that nothing will penetrate.

“You ask how do you build that wall. You ask, and I’m here to tell you.”

Here are some of the President’s tweets for comparison:

And before you cry “Fake news!”, we should point out that the episode has been confirmed.

A representative for MeTV, a Chicago-based network that airs re-runs of Trackdown, confirmed to Snopes that the episode was indeed legit.

At the end of the episode, Walter Trump is placed under arrest and shot by another character.

The viral clip comes amid an ongoing spat between the US President and the Democrats over funding for a wall to be built on the US-Mexico border.

Yesterday Mr Trump issued a desperate plea to his nation to end what he deemed America’s “cycle of suffering”.

In his first ever nationally televised prime-time address from the Oval Office, the President called for stronger border protection, saying the US had “run out of space” to hold the immigrants crossing the US-Mexico border.

“America proudly welcomes millions of lawful emigrants who enrich our society and contribute to our nation,” he said in the impassioned speech. “But all Americans are hurt by uncontrolled, illegal migration.”

The Democrats slammed the address, saying the billionaire is “plain wrong” over the issue.

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