These giant silos are Australia’s biggest fixer-upper

These giant silos are Australia’s biggest fixer-upper

Australia’s biggest fixer-upper — the last of the giant silos left standing — are being flicked for a “bargain” and there’s government money to help.

In a bid to save the last of Queensland’s silos from fading away into history, a home was built into the side of these massive structures — but the inside of them is still the same as they ever were.

“These are the only big silos still standing in Queensland,” agent Kath Johnson told The Courier-Mail.

There are four big silos attached to the property and more than enough room inside of them to create whatever your heart desires.

“The four silos are untouched and remain in original condition with the counter weight lift still in place,” she said.

“Being Heritage Listed the new owner can access grants available to expand on the opportunity on offer here.”

She said there was “potential for the silos to become a gallery, accommodation, cafe, restaurant, museum”.

Ms Johnson said the heritage funding came by way of a grant that owners applied for.

“They would be for the maintenance of the property.”

In terms of what you can do with all that ceiling height, the restrictions were expected to centre around the facade, not the inside.

“It’s a matter of putting a plan forward to the Heritage Register and Regional Council for approval. As long as it’s not changing the facade of the building, I don’t think there would be too much problems there.

“The internal structure they could pretty much do whatever they liked as long as council approves.”

The size of the silos are jawdropping, and Ms Johnson acknowledges: “A lot of people may daunted by the size of the silo”.

But nevertheless “there has been quite a bit of interest” already.

“The heritage register is there to help you not hinder you. They want to see the silo maintained.”

The property including the current house attached to the outside of the silos is listed by Main Street Real Estate at “a bargain” price of $252,000.


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