The true cost of using Uber will hit you hard when you add it up

The true cost of using Uber will hit you hard when you add it up

I was shocked by this figure …$467 blown in just 12 months.

I logged into my Uber account last week, curious to know what I had actually spent using this app.

In 2018 I had racked up nearly $500 on Uber fares or the equivalent of about $9 a week.

It really is so easy to order four wheels with just the click of a button.

I did a quick scroll through of all the trips I’d taken in the past 12 months with really no idea on what I’d spent.

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So I was pretty surprised to find I’d taken 33 trips in total. I’d thought I used Uber far less than that.

At a guess I’d say more than half of the trips taken were taken for work.

However, I was still stunned that I splashed this much cash ferrying myself from A to B.

I challenge you to do so the same. Grab a calculator and add up all your fares for 2018 and you’ll probably give yourself a serious wake-up call about how much money you’ve spent without even realising.

And for those of you find cooking a burden or can’t be bothered picking up takeaway yourself, I’m betting you’ll be left with a sour taste in your mouth once you realise what you’re splashing out on food as well as fares.

I’ve only ever ordered UberEats twice — both times while I was away for work — so I logged into this account and worked out what I’d spent in total. It came to just $58.30.

The cost of delivery varies depending on your city/location but it typically stings customers anywhere between $5.00 and $6.95.

That may seem like chicken feed but it quickly adds up.

My millennial next-door neighbours order UberEats for breakfast on a weekend. Seriously.

Surely that’s taking it a bit far?

And it’s not just Uber that’s taking a bite into our hip pockets, there are other ride-sharing and food-ordering services that ping you too.

People having a boozy night can also order up grog and have it delivered to their front doorstep, of course at a cost.

But there’s no doubt that laziness and convenience is hurting our hip pockets. I reckon we’ve become a lazy bunch.

Many of us who live in suburban areas with transport and eateries nearby can’t be bothered catching public transport or walking down the street anymore.

We want to do as little as possible and as a result it’s costing us big.

Anyone signing up for a loan in 2019 better rein in these expenses because banks are watching them closer than ever before.

Spending up this easily could quickly bite you on the bum when you try and get yourself credit, whether it be plastic, a home loan or personal loan.


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