Teacher resigns after allegedly sending nudes to student

Teacher resigns after allegedly sending nudes to student

A young high school teacher in the United States has been charged after allegedly targeting a male student and bombarding him with topless pictures.

Kelsie Schmidt, 24, was working as a maths teacher at Beulah High School in North Dakota when she allegedly sent the 17-year-old pupil nude selfies over snapchat and invited him to play a game of “naked hide and seek”.

She was arrested on January 23 and charged with felony luring minors by computer or other means.

According to police the student received three or four naked photos from Ms Schmidt in August and September last year, with one showing the teacher from her waist up with her breasts partially covered by her hair.

An affidavit alleged the student told the police officer he could “get the math teacher in trouble for pictures she had sent him”.

When speaking to the detective, the teacher allegedly admitted to sending the X-rated pictures to the student, The Dickinson Press reported.

Ms Schmidt was in her first year of teaching and was placed on administrative leave before her recent resignation.

Her lawyer, Tom Dickson, described the events as an “unfortunate situation for everyone”.

“Certainly it’s a very serious allegation and we are treating it very seriously,” he said.

Ms Schmidt’s preliminary hearing is set for February 27.

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