Star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta arrested for child abuse

Star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta arrested for child abuse

A US reality TV star and rapper has been charged with seven counts of child abuse, according to reports.

Tommie Lee was charged with three felonies and four misdemeanour charges, including aggravated assault, child cruelty, battery, aggravated stalking and disrupting a public school, by the state of Georgia.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Ms Lee went to her daughter’s middle school classroom in October of last year, disrupting the class.

She allegedly used her purse strap to slap her daughter across the hands, then slapped her across the face before dragging her down the hallway by her hair.

She then threw her into a metal locker, according to the documents. Prosecutors have told the entertainment site Ms Lee faces up to 54 years in prison if she is convicted on all seven abuse charges.

Ms Lee was arrested at the time of the alleged abuse but was released on bail after posting a $37,762 (US$27,000) bail. One of her bail conditions was to stay away from her daughter, which she reportedly breached by making contact with her hours later.

Lee, whose real name is Atasha Chizaah Jefferson, took to Instagram to respond to the recent media attention on her parenting.

“Quick Question do you know you’re (sic) child’s teachers? Have you sat down with them this year?” Lee asked in a recent Instagram story.

“Outside of enrolment have you ever been inside you’re (sic) child’s school?

“You girls need to cut it out!!!

“For the lives that was cut out of me I’ll do 100 years!”

Lee, also a rapper, then did a call out for beats, providing an email address she can be reached at.

When appearing on reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Lee told of how she had been arrested 30 times in 2016.

Lee had an off-camera altercation with one of her cast-mates Joseline Hernandez, in which she tried to run her over with a vehicle.

She recently announced that she will not be returning to the VH1 show next season.

She gave birth to her first child while in prison, where she said she “wasn’t cuffed to the bed”

“The police were really nice. They let my family come in so it wasn’t like a horrible transition.”

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