Frontman Shaun Diviney (centre) with Andy Clemmensen and Bradie Webb from Short Stack.

Shaun Diviney’s unusual career change from punk rocker to real estate agent

He dresses for business during the week, hair clipped into a stylish short cut, cruising around the Central Coast selling property in Norah Head and surrounding suburbs.

But some younger locals may recognize Shaun Diviney for a different reason – he was once the lead singer of one of the nation’s most successful pop punk bands, Short Stack.

In 2002 at just fifteen years old, three boys from Budgewoi – Diviney, Andy Clemmensen and Bradie Webb, met on the train on the way to the Hunter School of Performing Arts, and proceeded to spend the next few years performing out of garages and pubs.

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By 2007, Short Stack had signed with indie label “Sunday Morning Records”, and the boys went on to produce two gold-selling albums, three top ten singles, an ARIA number one chart award and a platinum-selling single.

Renowned for their long emo-style hairstyles and devoted fans, the band attracted hordes of screaming girls everywhere they went. They were even big enough to make the cover of Rolling Stone Australia.

These days though, Diviney is a real estate agent for Stone Toukley, happily married living in Noraville with his gorgeous wife Brooke and 10-month old baby boy Atticus – and he said that things were a little more normal.

“I cut the hair off before I got into real estate – it got to a point where it was really long and dreadlocked, and it smelled a bit, so I got rid of it. I think my wife was kind of stoked when I did that. It was like a full time job looking after it,” he said.

“The thing about being in a band is, it was really appealing when we were younger but now that we’ve settled down got families, it’s quite hard to have such a hectic schedule.”

When it comes to careers, most people would struggle to find similarities, but Diviney said that there were some important ones.

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“We had to negotiate our way into record deals, but I guess the biggest similarity is the online aspect of it – I do the majority of my business on social media,” he said.

“It’s something that I do a little bit differently to other agents up here and it works well with the younger demographic. Always being online and in contact instantaneously – we kind of did that with the band and now I do it with real estate as well,” he said.

With over 57,000 followers combined his on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, it is no surprise that the young go-getter is using such a powerful tool to do business.


And when it comes to his new job, he appears to be enjoying it.

Setting previous property sales records in Norah Head and Noraville, Diviney said that he has been interested in property from a young age.

“The boys in the band and I have always invested in property from a young age – I bought my first place at Magenta Shores at about 20 years old and we all had some interest in it. One thing led to another, I met Ron, my Principal at Stone and joined the team and I’ve loved it,” he said.


“I know it sounds corny and lame, but I love helping people. You can genuinely make a difference in someone’s life. We just sold a house the other day that went $50,000 over what the vendors were expecting and they were just blown away. It was their home for 20 years. It makes you feel good.”

He hears from some of his devoted fans occasionally, but Diviney said that for the most part, people were respectful of his new gig in real estate.

“I hear from a fan maybe once a week, and I get stuff sent to the office from people as well, which is pretty cool. Most people are pretty respectful of the fact that I work in real estate now,” he said.

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