‘Sexy’ Theresa May ad for investment company shows ‘our species is doomed’

‘Sexy’ Theresa May ad for investment company shows ‘our species is doomed’

An online investment company was forced to pull an advertisement offline that featured a caricature sexualising British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Trading group Capital.com caused a stir online for the ad, which told potential investors “her deal or yours — make the markets your own on a historic day for Brexit”.

Twitter users were shocked by the caricature, with many cringing in response.

A writer for Politicshome.com, Anastasia Zawierucha, posted a screenshot of the ad and asked: “Not quite sure who this ‘sexy Theresa May’ image is meant to appeal to?”

And the comical and disgusted reactions flowed.

One Twitter user said they had “blocked and reported” the commercial, while another user, Leon Stephens, said “our species is doomed”.

“Some human being did this, and another one signed off on it, and no others stopped them,” Mr Stephens also said.

Henry Lowe said “‘Sexy Theresa May’ sounds like a Halloween costume”, while Tricia Tennent embraced the playful cartoon, posting: “Hee Haw, she’s the winky, wonky brexitonky!”

A Capital.com spokesperson apologised and told Metro the ad had been taken down.

“We recognise that an advertisement posted on global media channels by Capital.com, featuring a caricature image of Theresa May, has upset some people,” the spokesperson said.

“It was not our intention to cause any offence and we apologise for any harm or insensitivity. “We made a mistake. The advert has been immediately withdrawn and terminated.”

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