Powerball lottery $100m draw: Australia’s 15 unluckiest people

Powerball lottery $100m draw: Australia’s 15 unluckiest people

Hundreds of Aussies are expected to be rushing to buy tickets for tonight’s Powerball, with many choosing their numbers very carefully ahead of the huge $100 million jackpot draw.

With the equal highest jackpot amount in Powerball history on the line, there are some people that know all too well how just one number can come between you and becoming an instant millionaire.

Despite no one taking home the division one prize last week, there were 15 division two winning entries that were just one number off winning the life-changing division one prize.

The only number the division two winners were missing was the Powerball and what’s even worse is there was one simple thing they could have done to ensure they had it.

Spokeswoman for the Lott, Bronwyn Spencer, said the entrants would be “kicking themselves”.

“Imagine getting all of the seven winning numbers from the main barrel, but missing out on the jackpot because you didn’t have that all important Powerball number,” she said.

“While the division two winners did take home over $80,000 in prize money each, I am sure they are kicking themselves for not getting a PowerHit entry, an entry that guarantees you the Powerball number.”

Last year 14 division one winners took home $344 million between them. Ms Spencer said that PowerHit entries counted for around a quarter of the winners.

“We also found that almost two-thirds were QuickPick entries, where the numbers were randomly generated by the lottery terminal,” she said.

Ms Spencer suggested that hopeful entrants should take note of the game’s “hot” and “cold” numbers when making their decision.

“While Powerball is a random game of chance, and every number has an equal chance of being drawn, there are some numbers we have seen drawn out of the barrel more often than others,” she said.

“Players interested in trying their hand at choosing their numbers may mark ‘hot’ numbers in the hope they live up to their reputation of being drawn more often.

“Or would they choose to use ‘cold’ numbers in the belief their turn to be drawn is just around the corner?”

Some players favour steering clear of these numbers all together, instead choosing ones in between.


Winning numbers: 32 and 29

Times drawn: 13 and 12

For the main barrel, where seven winning numbers are drawn from 35, the ‘hot’ number is 32, having been drawn 13 times.


Winning numbers: 1, 10, 11, 12, 21 and 27

Times drawn: Each drawn 4 times

There are several numbers that have only been drawn four times during the same period, the lowest of any number from the main barrel.


For the separate Powerball barrel, where a single Powerball number between one and 20 is drawn, there are three numbers that have been drawn more than any other.

Powerball numbers: 3, 13 and 19

Times drawn: Each drawn 4 times.


At the same time, there are several Powerball numbers that have never been drawn during the past eight months.

Powerball numbers: 1, 2, 4 and 18

Times drawn: 0

Powerball draw 1183 closes at 7:30pm AEST on Thursday 17 January 2019.

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