Police officer fired after video shows him shooting Chihuahua

Police officer fired after video shows him shooting Chihuahua

A US cop has been stood down after a viral video showing him shooting a beloved family pet sparked outrage around the globe.

The shocking incident, in Arkansas, US earlier this month, began after Deputy Keenan Wallace arrived at the home of dog owner Doug Canady following reports of “aggressive” dogs.

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Mr Canady, who filmed the entire interaction, was asked to step outside and speak with the officer, as his two tiny chihuahua dogs, Reeses and Oreo, yapped on the front lawn.

The homeowner refused, accusing the officer of “pointing a gun at my house”.

Deputy Wallace can be heard threatening to shoot the dogs, before a loud bang is heard.

One of the dogs can then be heard howling in pain and can be seen in the clip writhing on the ground.

“Are you f***ing kidding me? You’re f***ing kidding me,” a clearly distressed Mr Canady is heard saying, to which Deputy Wallace replies: “I told you.”

Mr Canady later uploaded the video to Facebook where it went viral, attracting an outpouring of anger and support from dog lovers around the planet.

Luckily, Reeses, survived the attack.

A GoFundMe page set up to cover the cost of the 4.5kg dog’s treatment raised $US11,625 ($A16,330) in just one day.

The GoFundMe page, which was set up by one of Mr Canady’s friends, revealed Reeses was still “in the care of the emergency vet” receiving treatment for a broken jaw as a result of her injuries, with “bone fragments from shatter” still in her face.

“Reeses is not out of danger yet, please continue to pray and send loving comments this way,” the post reads.

“Please know all the kids who love her and have shed many tears thank you for helping her.”

The post also explained funds raised would go towards the dog’s current and future vet bills as well as food, new bedding and any items needed for her recovery, with any leftover cash to be donated to dog rescue organisations.

The page also claimed Deputy Wallace arrived at the home after a woman reported the dogs had been bothering her, despite them apparently being contained in their own yard.

“The sheriff’s office was called to Shiloh Creek Estates … from a lady claiming dogs in their own yard were bothering her, the lady from the neighbourhood pulled a pistol at Doug and the dogs and threatened to shoot them,” the page claims.

Fox News reports that in a statement issued on behalf of the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Tim Ryals revealed Deputy Wallace had been sacked.

“I hold my deputies to the highest of standards to protect and serve the residents of our community. Unfortunately, a deputy fell short to those standards,” he said.

“Deputy Wallace fired his service weapon that injured an animal while in close proximity to a citizen. I believe there were numerous opportunities to de-escalate the incident.

“While it appears no policies or laws were violated, I hold every employee within our agency to the highest of standards and will be forwarding the investigation to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for further review.

“As a result of the incident that occurred on January 4 … Deputy Keenan Wallace has been relieved of his duties at the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office.

“Our Department is saddened about this incident and apologise for any distress and disappointment this incident has caused anyone who was affected by this disheartening event. We will keep Reeses in our thoughts through the recovery process.”

Social media users have slammed the officer’s actions, with one Facebook user posting: “Absolutely unacceptable. There better be some severe consequences. I hope you file one hell of a suit and make a point.”

“Are you kidding me this is animal cruelty there was no need for that at all,” another wrote.

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