Police car spotted with $200 parking fine in Western Australia

Police car spotted with $200 parking fine in Western Australia

A Perth police officer was likely given a nasty surprise when returning to their parked car to discover a $200 fine.

Photos uploaded to the Perth — Have a Whinge Facebook group show the police vehicle with what appears to be a $200 parking fine stuck under the windscreen wipers.

According to the ticket, the car was caught stopped in a “no parking” spot on Bennett St in Perth’s east on Australia Day.

The post received mixed reactions, with some people praising the gutsy parking inspector.

“About time they’re held accountable to the same laws,” one person wrote.

Another said: “That’s one parking inspector that likes living dangerously.”

However, others slammed the ticket as “poor form” pointing out that police often need to park quickly when responding to a call.

“That’s poor form. Giving a marked car a ticket is pretty bad. I’d put a bet on that this gets withdrawn,” one commented.

One person even suggested that the parking inspector to issued the fine should lose their job.

Others claimed the officer likely wouldn’t have to pay the fine anyway.

One person said: “They get fined but aren’t forced to pay it. It just gets screwed up and thrown away.”

Many commenters agreed, saying that even if they did have to pay the fine it would just be one section of the government giving money to another.

Other people believed the whole thing was a prank by a motorist who put their own parking ticket under the windscreen.

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