Pizza Weirdest things pizza delivery drivers have seen on the job

Pizza Weirdest things pizza delivery drivers have seen on the job

Most people probably think that being a pizza delivery driver is pretty straight forward — you get the pizza, deliver it, go back to the shop and repeat.

But it isn’t always that simple and some drivers find themselves having to handle some pretty bizarre situations.

When a driver is delivering a pizza to a random house, they have no idea what’s going to be on the other side of the door.

Will it be a children’s birthday party? A bunch of drunk, hungry university students? A couple having a movie night?

Fortunately, most of the time the delivery happens without incident, but sometimes drivers encounter some odd circumstances.

Domino’s has released a list of things their drivers want customers to know, based on some common situations they find themselves in.

The total number of pizzas and side orders ordered online through Domino’s usually exceeds two million each week, meaning there are a lot of deliveries and not all of them are going to play out how the driver expects.

One of the more awkward positions drivers have said they have been put in is when people answer the door naked to collect their pizza.

According to drivers, this “is not ideal” and they would appreciate you taking the time to chuck some pants on, or do your towel up properly.

Chloe Patterson-Kane, a 19-year-old Domino’s delivery driver from northern Queensland, said this is quite a common situation.

“A lot of the time people will order a pizza and then go hop in the shower and I will get there and they won’t answer the door,” Chloe told

“This means I have to call them and they often come out in their towel and it can be a bit weird.”

While we are on the topic of awkward situations involving nudity, you definitely do not have time for a “quickie” before the pizza arrives.

Apparently enough delivery drivers have caught people in the throws of passion for it to be a legitimate concern.

A lot of customers also reportedly try to offer delivery drivers a beer upon receiving their pizza.

While many probably think this is just a nice gesture, it becomes problematic when you factor in that this person’s job is to do a lot of driving.

And then of course there are the customers who are always on the look out for a bargain.

There is nothing wrong with trying to get a good deal, but the delivery driver does not have the power to give you a discount, so stop asking.

And delivery workers don’t just find themselves in odd situations when at a customer’s house, they get a lot of weird requests over the phone or through online orders too.

Sometimes customers are in the mood for a bit of entertainment with their meal, so they will ask drivers to draw them a little picture on their pizza box.

The most common picture people ask for is of a dinosaur, with Chloe saying she has encountered this type of request before.

“We had this little boy ask for a dinosaur drawn on the box because it was his birthday and everything was dinosaur themed,” she said.

Cheesy pick-up lines, jokes and even marriage proposals are some other common requests.

Sometimes customers express concerns about how much drivers are earning or if they are being treated fairly on the job and drivers want to put their minds at ease.

Domino’s offers workers public holiday and late night rights along with Sunday pay. And drivers get paid extra for petrol and car maintenance if they use their own vehicle.

Chloe said she finds herself in strange or funny delivery situations quite frequently, but it is all part of the fun.

“It is a really fun job to do and you get to meet a lot of different people. It is so interesting meeting new people every single day,” she said.

Most of the these situations are, at the worst, a bit inconvenient or annoying, but Domino’s reportedly has measures in place if things get “beyond weird”.

“If it is really weird we can ask to not have to deliver there anymore,” Chloe said.

“And Domino’s has support services in place if a driver needs.”

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