Peter Dutton pushes paedophile crackdown

Peter Dutton pushes paedophile crackdown

The states are being urged to sign up to a national child-sex offender register, with the Home Affairs Minister calling it necessary to protect children and communities.

Peter Dutton says it will enable parents to check up on the people who interact with their children, telling The Australian it would be the “toughest crackdown on paedophiles in Australia’s history”.

The online register would contain information such as the person’s name, photograph, aliases, date of birth, nature of offending and general locality, such as their postcode. Juvenile sex offenders would not be identified if they were below 18 years old.

The information would be vetted by law enforcement to ensure it did not identify victims of abuse or breach non-publication orders.

“A national public register of child-sex offenders is an important step to improve protections for Australia’s most vulnerable citizens,” Mr Dutton told the newspaper.

“This will have a strong deterrent effect on offenders and ensure that parents are not in the dark about whether a registered sex offender has unsupervised access to their children.”

Under the current Australian Child Protection Offender Reporting scheme, convicted child-sex offenders must inform police of their whereabouts following their release into the community.

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