Peter Dutton is most unwanted politician

Peter Dutton is most unwanted politician

Australia’s most unpopular hard-right politician has been identified as Peter Dutton by a GetUp survey of almost 30,000 people.

This month GetUp asked Australians to vote online for the hard-right MP they most wanted to boot out of parliament at this year’s federal election.

Voting has now closed and the most unwanted politician has been revealed as aspiring prime minister Peter Dutton, followed by former prime minister Tony Abbott and then Queensland MP George Christensen.

Mr Dutton was well ahead on 22,028 votes, followed by Mr Abbott on 15,932 votes.

The rest of the politicians lagged well behind the two leaders. Mr Christensen got 6090 votes, followed by Barnaby Joyce on 5065 votes, Christian Porter on 4458 votes and Prime Minister Scott Morrison on 3835 votes. To see the full list, click here.

About 28,700 voted for up to three politicians that GetUp identified as hard-right MPs who it said blocked meaningful action on issues its members cared about including climate change, Manus Island and Nauru, coal-fired power and gay conversion therapy.

GetUp had already planned to campaign against Mr Abbott and Mr Dutton. Last year it held a meeting dedicated to removing Mr Abbott from his seat of Warringah.

It is now working to decide how many hard right MPs it will target, taking into account the amount of volunteer hours and donations likely to be contributed ahead of the election.

“Freeing parliament from politicians like this will pave the way for multi-party action to address climate change, drive investment in renewable energy and end the deliberate inhumane treatment of refugees,” GetUp national director Paul Oosting said.

“These are the politicians who took down their own prime minister to prevent even the slightest political action on climate change.”

Mr Oosting said Australia could become a world leader in renewable energy and do things like close Manus and Nauru but only if the hard right wreckers were swept away for good.

“Everyday people want better than what we’ve got right now. This huge public support offers an exciting opportunity to make this our most impactful election campaign to date,” he said.

“GetUp members are raring to talk to voters over the phone, in the street and at polling booths across the country on election day.”

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