People roast man’s poetic post about his morning routine

People roast man’s poetic post about his morning routine

A Canadian man’s oddly poetic morning routine has gone viral after he posted it on LinkedIn this week.

Global Sales vice president Christian Knudsen, who lives in Montreal, shared his typical morning that begins at 4.30am on the professional networking platform.

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“I wake up. Instantly. From the fogginess of dreams, to the readiness of full consciousness. As I have done for over fifteen years,” he begins.

“A quick kiss to my wife’s sleep head, I proceed into my morning routine.

“Glancing into my children’s rooms, somewhat envious of the sleep of youth, I proceed downstairs to the kitchen, the smell of freshly brewed coffee filling my senses.

“Peering out the window, the calming darkness remains, intermediate havens of light shine as beacons from my dozen backyard ambience lights, enhancing the beauty of the winter landscape.”

He then heads to his office, “coffee in hand”.

“The glow of twenty-four screens erupt to life as I enter,” he continues.

“Alexa automatically begins unrolling my day, highlighting my agenda — meetings, calls, activities, both personal and corporate.

“Four screens auto-load into various local and global news feeds — reminding me that there is a much greater world out there.

“Two and a half hours till my children, my wife awake.”

He continues, musing about our “digitally connected” world.

“The world never stops moving, never sleeps. It is digitally connected. Everything real time now. Live and per second,” he writes.

“Alive. The dots are moving and my world connects.

“I close my eyes for one second. I pause. I smile. Eyes open. I feel the energy. The excitement. The passion.

“A new day begins.”

The post was shared on Twitter, where it quickly went viral with 16,000 likes, 2,400 retweets and 835 comments.

Sadly, not everyone was on-board with the feel-good vibe.

“LinkedIn proves that humans are f***ing insufferable,” Twitter user @dseddon91 wrote.

Although another user felt Mr Knudsen had missed his calling.

“I feel bad for him. Sounds like he’d be happier writing poetry,” @TeilHardest added.

According to Mr Knudsen’s LinkedIn profile, he is a “highly motivated, innovative and results-driven leader” who is “focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive and challenging environments”.

The 41-year-old also shared a similarly poetic, lengthy post around a month ago on his birthday, one a day he “awoke to quiet”.

“Deafening utter silence. The familiar and reassuring hum of technology gone,” he wrote.

“The sound of reassurance that mankind and our technologies had long surpassed, defeated, and conquered nature. The comfort that we are indeed masters of the universe.”

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