Man drives into Travelodge after $1080 of wages go unpaid

Man drives into Travelodge after $1080 of wages go unpaid

A UK builder in a digger wrecked a new Travelodge hotel in a 30-minute rampage over £600 ($AU1080) worth of unpaid wages.

Shocking footage showed the angry worker repeatedly driving into the glass entrance of the venue on the same day builders had finished working on it.

Dozens of horrified colleagues watched on as he ploughed the orange digger into the newly built hotel in Liverpool, England, just before 3pm yesterday — over claims he was missing £600 ($AU1080) in his pay packet.

One co-worker can be heard shouting: “That’s what happens when people don’t pay your wages, mate. You just don’t sh*t on the job.

“He’s a sick man. Oh my God, he’s not a***d. Right through the building.”

After reaching the top of the steps, the arm of the digger is sent crashing through the glass, tearing through the entrance.

The vehicle then rolls back down the steps but the determined driver, thought to be called David, again rams through the front door.

Once inside the reception of the new hotel, the digger then proceeds to crash into the walls and the front desk before the driver fled the scene.

A workman who tried to stop him was pulled to safety as the digger’s arm just passed his head during the rampage on the day the building was due to be completed.

A bystander who witnessed that near-miss in the afternoon mayhem said: “He’s going to get hurt. He (the driver) doesn’t even know he’s there. I nearly lost my van.

Another who had a close shave yelled: “All you had to do was pay him f***ing £600. We’re lucky.

“I was right behind that door.”

A source said: “Nobody could believe their eyes. The man just went crazy.

“Everyone said he’d had an issue over his pay and he was saying he was owed £600.

“But even if that’s true, to smash up a building is just beyond belief.”

Ceiling fixer Samuel White, 24, said: “The handover was today, everything completed, we’d put the last tile in, cleaned up and made sure everything was perfect.

“Then some idiot in a mini digger decided to drive through the middle of the building.”

Mr White said the destruction, which started shortly before 3pm, went on for “a good 20 or 30 minutes” before the driver left the vehicle and ran off.

“There were loads of workers outside all gobsmacked, jaws to the floor wondering what’s going on,” he said.

“The site manager was running around like a headless chicken, he wasn’t happy at all.”

But while some workers appear to be shouting to stop him, some on social media rallied around in support of the builder.

One tweeted: “All kicking off in Liverpool. Pay your bills next time Travelodge.”

Another said: “Worker gets knocked for £600 so smashes up the local Travelodge. #uptheworkers.”

One commented: “Wow. Don’t think Travelodge is ‘opening soon’ now.”

Police arrived on the scene but the driver had already fled.

The hotel was surrounded by metal fencing as cops carried out inquiries.

On its website, it was listed as “opening soon” but this is expected to set back plans.

A Merseyside Police spokesman confirmed that one man was treated by paramedics but no arrests had been made.

In a statement, they said: “We are appealing for information after damage was caused to a hotel under construction.

“A report was received shortly before 3pm that the digger was being driven into the entrance of the Travelodge building.

“The driver then left the vehicle and made off on foot.

“One man experienced an eye irritation due to exposure to diesel and was treated at the scene by North West Ambulance Service.

“It is not believed anyone else was injured in the incident.

“Merseyside Fire and Rescue Services and contractors attended to ensure the site was safe.”

A Travelodge spokesman declined to comment as the police investigation is ongoing.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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