Liberal MP Ray Williams accused of using ‘younger’ campaign photos

Liberal MP Ray Williams accused of using ‘younger’ campaign photos

It’s hard to think of a job that ages you faster than politics.

All the yelling, all the stress, all those promises you definitely won’t keep — it’s not exactly the kind of gig that will keep you forever youthful.

Liberal MP Ray Williams has been called on to defend himself against a bizarre accusation of using photos from decades ago in his current campaign posters.

A listener contacted 2GB and insisted the 58-year-old Castle Hill representative was using a much younger photo of himself.

“His pictures on his placards that he’s putting around the Hills District depict a man in his early 30s,” they said. “I Google imaged this, and the man seems to be well and truly over 40 or 50. I’d say the photo has been taken 15 or 20 years ago.”

But according to Mr Williams, the photos were taken just a few years ago.

“I just want to thank that person,” the MP said in response. “What a lovely compliment to say that the photo taken five years ago looks like I’m in my 30s … that’s the best compliment anyone has ever paid me as a politician.”

Comparing photos of the minister between 2014 and last year, his story checks out:

Asked about how much retouching went into the campaign photos, he said: “To say these photos have been photoshopped is probably an understatement. We’re not all Julie Bishops and Mike Bairds — all political parties have to present us in some sort of light.

“But that bloke suggesting he’s seen me in the street and thinks I’m in my 30s or 40s — what a lovely compliment.”

Mr Williams also denied dyeing his hair but added his grey streaks had “certainly had a touch-up in those photos”.

Wellp, guess that settles it. Back to your serious work day.

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