Killer dad had sex with wife before murders

Killer dad had sex with wife before murders

Killer dad Chris Watts reportedly had sex with his wife Shanann after she returned from a work trip, right before he killed her, as shocking new details about the crime emerged.

Watts, who was convicted of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters confessed chilling new details to police about how he carried about the crimes, according to a report released by Colorado police.

Watts’ admission was made public by authorities and happened during a prison interview that detectives conducted with him three months after he was sentenced to life in prison.

Watts had previously admitted killing his wife but said she had killed the daughters.

He told investigators who visited him he lied about her killing the children. Watts said he strangled his wife Shanann on August 13, 2018 after he told her he wanted a divorce and she told him he would never see their children again.

“You’re never gonna see the kids again,” she told him, according to the report.

Watts told police he put both of his hands around Shanann’s neck and strangled her at their home in August, according to the report.

He said his wife never fought back or screamed, according to the report.

“Every time I think about it, I’m just like, did I know I was going to do that before I got on top of her?” he told investigators, according to the report. “It just felt like there was already something in my mind that was implanted that I was gonna do it and when I woke up that morning it was gonna happen and I had no control over it.”

He also reportedly told police that his four-year-old daughter Bella walked into his bedroom holding her blanket, asking what was wrong with her mum; he told her that Shannan wasn’t well, according to the report.

Bella watched her father drag her mother down the stairs and began to cry, and asked, “What’s wrong with mommy?” Watts told investigators.

Watts reportedly told police that he now regrets killing his wife and two young daughters, saying “Right now I’d have a five-year-old … a three-year-old … and more than likely, a one-month old son … and a beautiful wife … and right now it’s just me.”

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