IKEA expands sleepover in store event across Australia

IKEA expands sleepover in store event across Australia

IKEA is expanding its sleepover experience in its stores across Australia this year, in order to help shoppers learn how to get a better night’s rest.

The experience, open to one couple or a family of two adults and two children, will allow them to sleep in a zone tailored to their specific needs.

An IKEA co-worker will speak one-on-one with those who get the chance to sleep at the stores’ Complete Sleep Studio, and provide them with the right mattress, their choice of linen, the perfect pillow and sensory elements all personalised to their unique sleep needs.

They will get a pre-sleep massage, learn relaxation techniques, a free movie, dinner and bed time snacks.

They will also get advice from a sleep expert.

IKEA will also serve customers breakfast in bed the next morning.

The competition to win the sleepover starts this weekend on February 23-24, when fans need to visit one of the participating stores and place their entry form.

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Each store will also offer customers a range of sleep-related events and workshops.

The sleepover event comes as the Sleep Health Foundation reports one in three people are regularly struggling with their sleep.

IKEA Australia’s Country Sales Manager Mark Mitchinson said: “These tailored experiences — which are taking place in most stores around the country — are designed to inspire Australians to prioritise a good night of sleep, in order to better take on the day.

“At IKEA, our research has shown that Australians are still struggling to get a good night’s sleep, so we’re excited to be able to share inspiring and informed solutions for the bedroom.”

This year, stores participating include IKEA Adelaide, IKEA Canberra, IKEA Tempe, IKEA Rhodes, IKEA North Lakes and IKEA Logan.

Dates of the sleep experience vary. Check for your local IKEA store below:

IKEA Tempe — April 16

IKEA Rhodes — May 2

IKEA Canberra — March 30

IKEA Logan — April 6

IKEA Northlakes — April 6

IKEA Adelaide — March 30

For the complete list of IKEA sleepover dates and locations and full terms and conditions consumers can visit IKEA.com.

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