Hills home at 30 Aldgate Valley Rd, Aldgate a true European getaway

Hills home at 30 Aldgate Valley Rd, Aldgate a true European getaway

AN Aldgate home has a distinctly European feel and has more than enough luxury features to satisfy even the most discerning buyer.

Ellina Christi bought the property in 2006 after falling in love with its grace and location.

“The home was built in 1900 and I’ve been told it was the primary property in the area from which all surrounding properties were subsequently subdivided,” Ms Christi says.

“I’m a tree-lover, and the majestic pine trees are just magnificent – they are so tall, stately, sheltering and they provide wonderful shade – this is a very cool house in summer and it requires no airconditioning.

“There’s also a sweeping drive with a lovely bridge, and when I got out of the car and saw the views on either side of the bridge, I fell in love with them, and by the time I got to the front door I’d almost made my decision. I just connected really strongly with the property and felt that connection from the outset.”

Ms Christi has since renovated the property throughout, spending more than $200,000 to transform it into a timeless European-style masterpiece reflective of its period, but also bring it into the modern era.

“Every square inch inside and outside has been renovated,” Ms Christi says. “I have lovely French-washed walls, I’ve refinished the rich mahogany flooring, redone the kitchen, put in a marble bathroom – the list goes on and on.”

The home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large family room, a central living room, a formal dining room, a gallery and a French provincial galley-style kitchen. It has numerous outdoor entertainment spaces and is set on a 1.52ha allotment, featuring an expansive open area, a pine forest, walking paths, a winter creek and a bore.

“There are walking paths down to the road and a meditation seat I can enjoy when going on my little strolls – I’ve kept most of it fairly natural and it’s like having my own private park,” Ms Christi says. “On arrival, a lot of people find the home quite overwhelming, because the trees are so majestic, and they really create the feeling that you could be anywhere in the world, particularly when you’re looking from inside to out.

“There’s such a strong sense of privacy and seclusion here because it’s set so far back from the road. It’s great for entertaining and people enjoy themselves so much here because it’s a property apart from others. People love what I’ve done here and what I’ve created. Everyone who walks in here says ‘Ellina, this place is magnificent’, and I feel it is. It has a distinctly international feel about it.”

Ms Christi says the home could suit downsizers from a larger mansion, or a family looking to add a second storey to create a beautiful chateau. She is now looking to return to France where she has strong family connections, and hopes someone else will love it as much as she has.


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