Energy efficient homes means reduced power bills

Energy efficient homes means reduced power bills

Residents in the new Bel-Air community in Kellyville won’t be rushing for the airconditioning remote when the temperature drops or rises.

Testing has shown the eco-friendly designed homes have been built to defy weather conditions. On one of the coldest days last winter when it dipped to 1.7C overnight, the recorded temperature inside the house was 13C without any heating.

During the recent hot weather, when it was blistering 42C outside, the interior stayed cooler at about 27C without any airconditioning — thanks to heavy insulation and double glazed windows.

Sales director Abdul Khan said the environmentally-friendly features will translate into cheaper electricity bills for owners.

The cutting edge airconditioning systems used in the development — and for the first time in Australia — can also run directly off the built-in solar system.

“Once the house is heated or cooled down, you can just switch it off because it will be retained unlike other homes because they are so well sealed,” Mr Khan said.

The properties have also been fitted with a home automation system including a security system with three cameras plus keyless front door entry.

The first stage of the Bel-Air development is due for completion in March. In total, the estate will comprise 36 freestanding houses and 27 recently-approved terrace houses. Prospective buyers are now able to walk through four finished homes. Each block has been allocated a different design.

“It is a plus because you know exactly what home is being built next door to you right down to the colour details — so there is no uncertainty of someone coming and building something out of context,” Mr Abdul said.

There is a mix of four- and five- bedroom homes, each with a double garage.

Ceilings vary in height from 2.7m to 3.2m and add to the sense of internal space. Luxury features include solid internal doors, Miele appliances, Smartstone bench tops, Villeroy & Boch bathroom fittings, integrated built-in wardrobes and porcelain tiling. The gardens will also be fenced and landscaped.

“You are buying a totally finished product, even the driveways will be tiled,” Mr Abdul said.

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