Donald Trump declared officially obese at health check up

Donald Trump declared officially obese at health check up

US President Donald Trump is a little heavier than last year, but his tipping the scales has made him officially obese.

Mr Trump’s official doctor Sean Conley said he had passed his latest medical exam with flying colours, but he had put on a few kilograms.

Mr Trump, 72, who has confounded health experts with his penchant for junk food and avoidance of strenuous exercise, weighs 243 pounds (110kg), the report said.

This is a little bulkier than the 239 pounds (108kg) recorded last year, which was already considered too much.

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Considering the president’s 6’3 height, his BMI would now be 30.47 which would put him into the officially obese category.

His BMI last year, 29.91, would have made him overweight.

Dr Conley said the president needed a higher dose of cholesterol medicine, but remains in “very good health.”

“It is my determination that the president remains in very good health overall,” he said in a brief statement following Mr Trump’s February 8 physical examination at the Walter Reed National Military Centre.

The statement said the physical lasted about four hours.

The test found Mr Trump’s resting heart rate has gone up to 70 beats a minute, compared to 68 beats last year.

Mr Trump has a history of high cholesterol and this year the dosage of his anti-cholesterol medicine Rosuvastatin was raised from a low 10mg a day to 40mg, Dr Conley said.

“There were no findings of significance or changes to report on his physical exam, including the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth/gums, heart, lungs, skin, gastrointestinal, and neurologic systems,” Dr Conley’s medical summary said.

Mr Trump has been accused of hiding his true height and weight.

A group known as the “girthers” – a play on the “birther” movement about former President Barack Obama that Mr Trump famously supported – have posted photos showing apparent inconsistencies.

The president’s height has raised eyebrows in the past after photos of former president Barack Obama — who is 6’1 — showed him to be taller than 6’3 Mr Trump.

After his last physical, the internet erupted in memes using super fit athletes and actors to compare the president’s height and weight to them.

For example Aquaman star Jason Momoa is said to be 106kg and 6’4.

Australian Rugby player Israel Folau is also 6’3 and weighs 103kg.

The president may have an unhealthy lifestyle and a stressful job, but on the plus side he doesn’t smoke and is a noted teetotaller.

He also says he’s never even had a beer.

Mr Trump has described his chief exercise as walking around the White House compound and standing up at public events.

A slightly more active pastime is his beloved golf.


Age: 72

Height: 6’3

Weight: 243 pounds/110kg

Resting heart rate: 70 bpm

Blood pressure: 118/80 mmHg

Pulse-oximetry: 99 per cent room air

Temperature: 98.2F/36.7C

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