Customers’ grocery bills slashed thanks to online glitch

Customers’ grocery bills slashed thanks to online glitch

Overjoyed Coles customers have slashed hundreds of dollars on their grocery bills thanks to a glitch on the supermarket’s website.

Online shoppers noticed significant discounts on their purchases placed on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, including grass-fed beef steak for just $3.30 per kilo, $2 Manuka honey, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for $1 and baby formula for just $2.50.

Delighted shoppers took to a popular Facebook group called Markdown Addicts Australia to share their bargains.

“Ours is split between four households. I got stuff I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise! I’m so happy,” said one Aussie mum. ”I even managed to get another two tins of formula for $2.50 for one and $6 for the other. All the items were there and the staff were lovely about it and had a laugh, said they’d seen some lucky people. It feels nice to have a happy little accident.”

Another saved more than $1000 on her grocery items, while a third claimed to save $800.

“Woah I was honestly thinking that it would get cancelled (coffee machines as Xmas/birthday present) $110. Saved $800. Amazing thing for a low income family.”

Other delighted shoppers have since thanked the person who originally informed them about the glitch.

“Due to being unwell I cannot work atm,” wrote one woman from Brisbane. “I’m currently on Centrelink payment. By the time I pay rent and loan repayments etc, I’m living on $40 a week. My local store was only giving one of each item. I’m extremely happy to even get that one item of each. I was able to stock up on the basics. I normally just get the generic brands, but it’s nice to have the name brand names.

“Thanks again, you don’t realise how something like this can help someone else.

A Coles spokesperson told the lucky incident was due to a technical glitch which affected a small number of items.

“The wrong price was displayed for small number of products on Coles Online overnight,” they said in a statement.

“In some instances where stores had stock available, orders were fully or partially fulfilled. As per our terms and conditions, Coles Online does not provide rainchecks on goods that are not available.

“Where possible we have let customers know if their order will not be filled in full.

“We apologise to customers for any inconvenience.”

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