Bardon auction results in seller shouting the buyer dinner

Bardon auction results in seller shouting the buyer dinner

The seller of this Bardon home was so pleased with the outcome that she invited the buyer to dinner.

The house at 34 Coopers Camp Rd went to auction on February 23 and one bidder was all it took to get the sale of the property underway.


The auctioneer entered bids on behalf of the vendor, until the house sold under the hammer for $1,240,000.

Ray White Paddington agent Judi O’Dea said the sale of the tri-level, five-bedroom home was a “lovely outcome”.

“The woman (seller) was the builder (and) lived in a caravan at the back of the property while she directed the building of the site,” Ms O’Dea said.

“The woman and her family are moving to Vietnam, and her husband and family were already there and she’s been here holding the fort on her own.”

Ms O’Dea said the seller took the buyer out for dinner that night, something the agent had never seen before.

“In my 15 years of selling at auction, I don’t think I’ve had anyone selling at auction and then inviting the buyer to come and have dinner,” she said.

“Everyone was clapping and it was a sensational outcome.”

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