Actor blamed in court for her death

Actor blamed in court for her death

In an emotional sentencing of the man who killed Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter, the defendant’s family screamed that it was all the famed Shawshank Redemption actor’s fault, alleging that he sexually abused the victim when she was younger.

“Morgan Freeman molested her and he caused this. He did this,” Lamar Davenport’s mother yelled to a reporter as she was ushered out of court for shouting to her son when Justice Ellen Biben handed down a 20-year sentence.

“He’s innocent! It was an accident!” she insisted.

The long-suspected affair between Freeman and his step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines was finally confirmed during Davenport’s murder trial in Manhattan Supreme Court, the NY Post reports.

Davenport was convicted of stabbing Hines, who was his girlfriend, more than 25 times on August 16, 2015, on West 162nd Street.

He was in the throes of a drug-induced rage after ingesting Phencyclidine — also known as angel dust or PCP which can cause hallucinations — when he slaughtered Hines in full view of neighbours and pedestrians.

In a partial win for the defence, Davenport was found guilty of the lesser included charge of manslaughter. He waived a jury trial, leaving his fate entirely in the hands of Biben.

This story originally appeared in the NY Post and was republished her with permission.

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